Meet Major Mercado & family, a Levitt Shell Canine & his family

Meet Major Mercado & family, a Levitt Shell Canine & his family


What do you enjoy most about the free concerts at the Levitt Shell?

The bright colors, the open air concerts, and folks eating outside with their loved ones.


Do you have a favorite memory from time spent at the Levitt Shell?

My favorite memory is of celebrating and singing with friends at a concert in which Marcela Pinilla performed with an orchestra. It felt like a giant family reunion.


If you had a friend that had never been to the Shell, how would you describe the experience to him or her?

The Levitt Shell is a place to enjoy amongst your familia and with your amigas. 


How would you describe the role of the Levitt Shell in Memphis community life?

The Shell provides access to the arts for folks of the Memphis community.


How can the Levitt Shell better serve the Memphis community in the coming years?

Bringing more diverse music, a multicultural exchange of sorts. Music is a strong part of peoples' identity and their culture, definitely in Memphis but also people from other countries. This will attract different pockets of the Memphis community that have never been to the Shell. For instance, there could be Palestinian or Kurdish music on the stage and tables with food and information about the culture to learn more and have a dialogue as to what it is like to be from ___ country in Tennessee and the US and how we can be a welcoming city and community. There's the annual Germantown International Festival that offers this exchange for a few hours, once every year, and the Levitt Shell can help expand this mass cultural exchange throughout the year.