My granddaughter shared her plan to go to the University Of Memphis and major in stage management. So when I found out that she had received one of the internships this past summer to work at the Levitt Shell, I was elated. She trained with Ms. Dawn Hopkins! I knew that by working at the Levitt Shell she would have the opportunity to see if this is what she really wants to do. It definitely is.

I saw that the Shell was looking for volunteers, but I did not think that there was anything I could do there to help. I was surprised to find out there was plenty to do. Before shows, we set up for the concerts organizing the VIP stations, merchandise, and concessions. During the concerts, we went into the crowd to collect donations. It gave me the opportunity to see how it all comes together and then watch and hear some incredible concerts. My favorite time of the night is to stand back and watch the crowd as they enjoy the music. If you are looking for a place to volunteer, The Levitt Shell is the place.

If you plan to come to the Levitt Shell, make sure you bring a chair or blanket.  There are food trucks there each night or you can bring your own food/drink. If you live close enough to ride your bike, they offer free Bike Valet.

The Levitt Shell is a venue that enhances the life of the community by offering FREE concerts. There you can find happy people enjoying the music, dancing the night away, or just simply relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds. Its a place for meeting new people or seeing old friends.

I hope the Levitt Shell will extend their calendar so that they can offer even more free concerts through out the year.  The internship program this past summer was wonderful, and I would love to see that continued.

I was asked if I would volunteer again next summer and my answer was...SHELL, YES!!!