Meet the Sumners, Levitt Shell regulars & neighbors

Meet the Sumners, Levitt Shell regulars & neighbors


What do you enjoy most about the free concerts at the Levitt Shell?

Wow, this one is pretty easy. What's not to enjoy at the Levitt Shell? First-class musical acts from around the world, meeting old and new friends, and a feeling of community that's hard to match anywhere else. It's the perfect place to spend time with your family while enjoying sounds and sights that at any other venue would cost a pretty penny! Not to mention there is a roomy dance floor, groovy food and drink, and a beautiful outdoor setting.


Do you have a favorite memory from time spent at the Levitt Shell?

Everyone in our family has great Levitt Shell memories. My husband was around in the 60's, when it was quite different but a happening place in its own way. Together we shared times with our children in the 90's, listening to music and watching the weekly movies that always started with a classic cartoon. More recently, we try to catch every opportunity to see the shows with our son, Ben, who has Down syndrome and loves being on the front row of all the concerts. He's even had the chance to meet some awesome artists! 


If you had a friend that had never been to the Shell, how would you describe the experience to him or her? 

For friends who have never been to the Shell, I could only try to tell them what they've been missing. Happenings at the Levitt Shell are at the top of the list of things to do in Memphis. The price of admission can't be beat (since it's free!), you're welcome to bring your cooler and your picnic (or try something from the great vendors who are there at every show), and there is something for every member of the family, no matter how young or old. One visit and I know you'll be hooked.


How would you describe the role of the Levitt Shell in the Memphis community life? 

The Levitt Shell is a valuable asset to Memphis in many ways. Providing a venue where everyone in the community is welcome and has the opportunity to experience performances by world-class artists for free is incomparable. A place in the heart of the city, accessible to anyone and everyone. I also think the visiting performers get a taste of what Memphis is really about, and what a special place it is.


How can the Levitt Shell better service the Memphis community in the coming years?

We would always like to see more local talent showcased, possibly in a festival-type setting like FOMO. Partnering with Overton Park with something like Arts in the Park on the Greensward would be a cool event.