“…This Orchestra Shell, a pledge to the future of music in Memphis, will long repay the city for its construction in the pleasure its facilities will provide to the half million visitors who enjoy Overton Park each year.”
— Orchestra Shell Dedication (Sept 13, 1936)

For eighty years, the Shell has been a strong model of grassroots community programming and support. Today, we grow the future of music in Memphis by restoring the Shell’s vitality in programming and connecting a diverse city to its passion for music. We ensure a thriving Levitt Shell with the launch of this Preservation Campaign. This campaign not only addresses protection of the infrastructure of the Levitt Shell, but also enhances the reach and impact of its programming locally and regionally. Together, we will preserve innovative and free artistic programming for future generations.

 Your impact can be directed through:


Levitt Shell’s innovative programming is successful because of its diversity and uniqueness. This fund secures high quality, family friendly programming for years to come, and needed repairs to sound, lights & production equipment so that no concert is ever lost.


Levitt Shell enhances community life throughout Memphis through core programs supported by outreach and education. This fund secures Levitt Shell’s internship programs, core outreach programs providing music in the