Available Shell Artists & Musicians

M.O.A.T (‘30s-‘50s)

Lester H Bruch, Eddie Roecker, Mischa Mischakoff, Myron Floren, Victor Trucco, Frances Greer, Barbara Walker (Hummel), Ralph Dunbar, Jocietta Howe, Burnet Tuthill, Noel Gilbert, Stan Freeman, Pat Weaver, Ethel Taylor (Maxwell), Helen Parker (Overton), Dorothy Kirsten, Mark Harrell, John Guerney, Leonard Graves, Bill Ching, George Sawtelle, Jr., Frank Hornaday, Yolanda Betbeze, Henrietta Russell, Mignon Dunn, Steve McLaughlin

Music Under the Stars (‘40s-‘60s)

Marguerite Piazza, Ruth Welting, Patsy Welting, Chet Atkins, Marian McPartland, Christopher Parkening, Slim Whitman, Elvis Presley, Billy Walker, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson, Sonny James, Red Sovine, Jim Wilson, “Texas” Bill StrengthBenny Goodman, Webb Pierce, Marty Robbins, Beverly Sills, Richard Young, Herbert Herman, Lucine Amara, Laurel Hurley, William Walker, William Warfield, Joe Venuti, Robert Rounesville, Don Jacoby, Paul Rosenthal, Aaron Rosand, Arthur Delmoni, Yoko Tekebe, Mack Hurrell, Dorothy Kursten, Ray Franklin, Gloria Hendricks, Michael Seminitsky, George Hirst, Ezra Rachlin, Alfred C. Evans, Arthur Bauer, Bob Gilbert, Ernie Bernhardt

Country Blues Festivals (late ‘60s)

Furry Lewis, Rev. Robert Wilkins, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Johnny Woods, Lum Guffin, Memphis Gospel Singers, Piano Red, Otha Turner, The Southern Fife and Drum Corps, Beale Street Four, Black Rock, Sid Selvidge, Bukka White, Joe Callicott, Arthur Crudup, Johnny Shines, Joanne Kelley, Backwards Sam Firk, Claude Mabel, Sun Smith & the Beale Street Five, Elder Lonnie McIntosch, Sleepy John Estes, John Fahey, Casietta George, Rev. Ishman Bracey, Wild Child Butter, Soldiers of the Cross, ZZ Top

Era of The Fence and Private Promoters (early ‘70s)

Poco, The James Gang, John Mayall, The Allman Brothers, Booker T & the MGs, , Leon Russell, Trapeze, Johnny Winter, Carla Thomas, Mountain, Marshall Tucker Band, Moloch, The Insect Trust, Hydra, Fred Ford Honeymoon Garner Trio, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Randy Haspel, Cactus, Edgewood, Crawdad, Clark Terry w/ MSU jazzband, Edgar Winter & White Trash, Larry Raspberrry and the Highsteppers, the Bar Kays, Alamo, Cargo, Black Oak Arkansas, Tony Joe White, Mother, Mylon, The Brothers Unlimited, Argent, Gabriel, Freddie King, Isaac Hayes, James Williams Jazz Quintet, Tommy Ferguson & the MSU Jazz Band, Rufus Thomas, Martha Scott-Otis Smith Dancers

Post-Fence, pre-S.O.S. (late ‘70s – early ‘80s)

Seals & Croft, Big Star, The Riverbluff Clan, Nokie Taylor Big Band, Lynn Anderson, Midtown Jazzmobile, Oliver Lake, Travis Jenkins, Ed Finney, Louie Pierini & the Memphis Dixieland Jazz & Blues Band, Steve Risher & the Industiral Strength Dixieland Band, River City Six, Shylo, Bill Black Combo, the Fontaine Trio, Allegezza International Folk Dancers, Baroque Festival Orchestra, Memphis Woodwind Quintet, Michael Allen & Kilo, Southern Star, Basic Attraction, Harry Bryce Dance Theater, The Lucy Opry, Teresa Pate & Friends, Memphis Ward Shaffer, Country Empire-the U.S. Navy Band from Millington, Memphis Saxophone Consort, Betti Brown & the Nubian Experience, Memphis Children’s Theater, Blues City Cultural Center, Greasy Creek String Band, Sternwheel Drive, Atlantis, Midnight Reflection, The Air National Guard Band, Edwin Hubbard, The Bluebeats, Backswing, John Stover, Floyd Cramer, Lou Roberts & the Vapors Band, River Bluff Clan, Kessler Air Force Band, Ballet South, Larry Dale & the Gold Coast Cowboys, St. Luke’s Meth. Church Friendship Singers, Martha Scott’s Entertainers, Libertyland’s Memphis Music Show, Memphis City School’s Music Men

Save Our Shell (’86-‘04)

R.L. Burnside, Mose Vinson, L.T. Lewis, Glen Cammack and the Crackers, Beauty and the Beats, Glen Ohrlin, Mud Boy and the Neutrons, Alex Chilton, Thistle & Shamrock radio series, Count Basie Orchestra, Tinsley Ellis, Phineas Newborn, Jr, , Lamar Sorrento & the Mod Saints, Chris Ellis, Bo Baker, North Mississippi All-Stars, John Kilzer, The Fieldstones, Teenie Hodges and Hi Rhythm, the Alpha Jerks, Memphis Symphony Pops Orchestra, Rev. John Wilkins and the Homegoing of Satan, Don McMinn & the Rum Boogie Band, Joyce Cobb, Billy Lee Riley, The Brewers, The Sun Rhythm Section, Come In Berlin, Black Family Reunion, Hot Cotton w/ Ruby Wilson, Ron Anderson & Associates, Captn Phil & Hottennazz, Paul Adamson, Susan Snyder, Lee Baker & the Agitators, A Little Night Music, Ernest in Love, Shekinah Ballet, Harmless T. Jester, Gimmer Nicholson, Memphis Silvertones, Panther Burns, the Scam, the Country Rockers, Hartley Can Playboys, Brenda Rutledge Quartet, Errol Thomas Quartet, Bud, the Marilyns, Metro Waste, the Penetrators, the Psychic Plowboys, Voodoo Village People, The U.S. Ground Forces Command Band, Mojo Nixon, Jim Dickinson, The Touchtones, Memphis Bob’s Jug Busters, Keith Sykes & Jak Holder, Live Bait, Bert Stegall, Zeke Johnson, Bobby Ray Watson, Kenny Brown, Songra Rodrigue, Bob Frank, Victims of Circumstance, Todd Snider, Kokomo Blues Band, Stonewall Mays, Memphis Community Singers, The Tennessee Gentlemen, The Yarnspinners, Ken Dinkins & Keep it a Secret, Kaya & the Weldors, Pat Williams Dance Co. Native American Intertribal Association Dancers, Nubian League, Gospel Wonders, Melba Moore, King Cotton Blues Band, Terra Plane, Harps of Melody, Crawpatch, Special Edition, Last Chance Jug Band, Taproot, Dangerous Lightning, Jack Johnson and the Jelly Roll Kings, Project Motion, Human Radio, Memphis Concert Ballet, Mosaic, Exodus, The Gun Bunnies, The Mind Erasers, Hot Joe, The Good Doctor, Doug Garrison Union, Tennessee Storytelling Festival, The Stillhouse Reelers, Tim Goodwyn Quartet w/Charleton Johnson, Shelby County Boys, the Rhythm Hounds, James Mitchell Quartet, Errol Thomas Quartet, The Bill Sky Family, Hank & Eulaine’s Ozark Music, Jimmy Crosthwait, Ron Easley, Waves of Change, The Gospel Harvesters, Unforgettable Blues Band, Lindsey Butler Blues Triplets, Mary Gilihan Smoochie Smith, The Gabe & Amy Show, Lucero, Jamie Aaron Kelly, Joe Kent, Alan Hall Band, Gerald Bair, Big Ass Truck, DDT, Atrium Sister, Martini Age, Black 59, Roy Brewer, Peter Hyrka, Wilson Mount, Brad Webb, Blind Mississippi Morris, Greg Hisky & the Rhythm Method, Ross Rice, Native Son, Robert Nighthawk, Bella Sun, Subteens, Minivan Blues Band, Shrine to Nomads, Autumn, Bury the Living, Sticks & Stones, Coach & Four, Gusto, Anti-Griffith, FreeWorld, The Break-Ups, Pelicans, Stoned Insect Monster, Bealegrass, Misty White, Eric Hughes, The Green Bings, Rhino Plush, Roosevelt Briggs, Amy & Jimi Jamison, Nancy Apple, Kelly G, Reigning Sound, Clanky’s Nub, Buck Hutcheson & Friends, Cryin Shame, Joe Norman, Jimmy David, Joe Nathan, Surfin Cowboys, Super 5, Rockin B.B.s, Sonny, Grown Up Wrongs, Katrina & Rebekah, Kirk Smithart, Orange Minute, Thingamajug, Joint Chiefs, Steve Cox, Delta Grass, Chris Scott, Grunt, Darius, Parallel Parker, Stout, Greg Hansen & the Dub Club, 3 Legged Puppy, Tropix, Alluring Strange, Chris Gladney Dancers, The Defoliants, Tracy Zimmerman, Plunk & Gavin, Azenhi, Floyd the Barber, King David, Pyramid Dancers, Rich Trosper & Friends, Harvest Strings, Sunklings, King’s Horsemen, Ceramic Gas Log, Venus Mission, Julie Orr, HTCC Divas, Tarp Tarrant, Phoenix Rising, Ben Cauley & Virgil Campbell with V.E.G., Turbo 350, Spontaneous Combustion, The Bluff City Backsliders, Yamagata, Zach Myers, Gypsy Cove, Delta Moon, Eric Gales, Jay, Tribe of Eli, The A Sides, The Visionaries, Alvin “Youngblood” Hart, Richard Johnston & the Foothill Stompers, Othar Turner & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band, Voice of Golden Eagle, Roy & Dan, Speakeasy, Antichamber, Granite Youth Symphony Orchestra, Free Sol, Deep Shag, Chosen View, The Pirates, Tunnel Clones From Memphix, Yes, No, Maybe, Mr. Del, Proto, SJ Tucker, Mrs. Fletcher, Cody Smith, Redey Jedi, Just Us, Alex Greene & the Nuclear Weeds, The Hellcats, Taintskins, Armed Voices, K-9 Arts, Variform Synk, Faust, Marilou Awiakta, Privats Sector, Much Ado About Nothing, The Patrick Dodd Band, The Shuns, John Foster Quintet w/Alfred Rudd, Fannie Clark Singers, Angelic Voices of Faith, Shirley Carter & Helen McDow, The Memphis Symphony Chamber Singers, Snowglobe, Breeding Ground, Hedgecreep, Plywood Doghouse, Chopper Girl, The 5 That Killed Elvis, Peripheral Visionaries, The Mules, The Bum Notes, Instant Corndawg, Retrospect, Mandala, Lily Afshar, Lost Dog, Andy and Larkin Bryant Cohen, NTJ, Pezz, The Cadillac Cowgirl & her Backdoor Men, Indoor Aeronautics, Gwen Larrick & Friends, A Capella Five, Acoustic Emissions, Bubba Feathers Band, Billy Poor, Col. Bill Taylor, Bobby Burrows, Jimi George, Patty Cake the Clown, Dayyon, The Jazz Midgets, Seven Dollar Socks, Sons of Soil, Yard Sale, Accidental Mersh, CYC, Phil & T, Mayonaise Farmers, Straight Up Buzz, Uncle Daddy, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Wally Ford & the Lizard Kings, Mash-o-matic, the Normal, Yow, Child on Fire, Bedowin Necot, Mudflaps, Red Hawk Singers, Simple Souls, Chiselers, The Rico’s, Liquid Systems, Cathy Edge, The Ramblers, Dixcee, Windfall, Linda Heck & the Train Wreck, The Peabody Brass Quintet, Tony Thomas Trio, Gordy Reinhart Quintet, Calvin Newborn 5, M.S.U. Suzuki Institute Showcase, Rhodes Chamber Ensemble, Robert Paul & Western Wynde, Peoples of the Blues, Linda Gail Lewis, Nightwing, Delta X, The Famouis Unknowns, The Resistors, The Bluejean Swing Band, Brandy & the Lost Boys, Delta Rising, Even Steven, Adam 12, Los Cantadores, Jeffray, Wired, Inevitables, the Swamp Kats, xzaust, Sputnik, The Farm, Techno-Squid Eats Parliament, Shiver, The Terraluna Dance Circle, Chameleon Guru, Uncle Daddy, Gut Bucket, Professor Elixir’s Southern Troubadours, Bob Marbach, Tom Machen, Naomi Moody, Emerson Green, Blaire Seymore, Jack Abel Ensemble, Allen Ripple & Memphis Sax Ensemble, Kevin Gray, Julie Gore, Charles Billings, Michael Kenney, Kevin Vigil, Forth, Lyn Jones, Sonny Black, Dianne Price, Ham Gravy, Tom Hackenburger, Jimmy Newman, Nairobi Trio, Jimmy Enright and the Machines, Cubby Smith, The Terminators, Fat Man and the Maniacs, Fatback Jubilee, Instant Karma,Tune, Jones, White Station Gospel Choir, Bob’s Lead Hyena, Nichols Wall, Jeanne Gould, Reginald Dub, Umpteen, Claudia & Rico, Phossiff, Poohm, Pump Action Retards, Judge Crater, Steve Newman, Bob Bostick, Carol King, Don McGregor & Steve Lockwood, Diana Jo Stein, Central High Jazz Band, Dan Hope, Odd Jobs, Provow’s Puppets, The Baffling Mr. Baker, Hindsight, Earl Randall, M-Slider, Southern Kind, Brouhaha, Retrospect, Ascension, Hard to Catch, Tulare, CA High School Concert Band, Big Noise, Sky Dogs, Lex Bonner, Herman Green & the Green Machine, George & Fast Eddy, the 58 Del Rays, Elvez & the Memphis Mariachis, Maggie Lewis & the Thunderbolts, Tennessee Mass Choir, Stephanie Beck w/the Nashville Tribute Band, Dr. Ammondt (the Finnish Elvis, Sonny Burgess, Gunnar and Mathew Nelson, Gene Summers, Glen Glenn, Barbara Pittman, Paul Burlison, Fluke Holland, Andy Anderson, Roman Self, Larry Merritt, Bob Timmers, Joe Rickman & Leon Bass, Col. Robert Morris, Butch Wax & the Flat Tops, Don Weise, Jerry King & the Rivertown Ramblers, Cash O’Riley and the DownRight Daddys,  Joe the Shaker, Jim Duckworth & the Action Figures, Willlie B., Calculated X, Everyman, 420, Liquid Paper Boys, The Pyramid Dance Co., Richard Graham, Mo Lo Koom Boo, Vibe Tribe, Memphis Lambda Men’s Choir, Hickory With, Street Life, Frayser Community Choir, Tina Lovings, The Prospectors, 611, the Internationals, X Philes, Monas, Gregg Hansen, The Iris, Meddle, Lost Dogs, Gospel Wonders, Mama Terra, Sweet Cheeta, Delta Rebels, De Seck, Roxy Blue, Anger Head, General & Majors, Rich Trosper, Potters’ Field, Blue Footed Boobie, Ritual, Primal Black, Bunk, Another Society, Third Stone, Painted Bodies, Birdman of Alcatraz, Mother Crush, Black Bone, Son of Slam, Mea Culpa, Kudzu Kings, Otis, Mental Chemistry, Uncle Daddy  

Levitt Shell (2008 - 2015)

Tear Down the Walls, Kinsey Report, Billy Jonas, Mystical Arts of Tibet, Sun Studios, Charlie Wood, Rattletree Marimba, Marcela, Ohana Maui, Pronto, Farmer Jason, Marta Gomez, Toubab Krewe, Carrie Rodriguez, Lee Boys, Fandaguero, Prodigals, The Duhks, Blues Revue, Mammoth Follies, Los Texas Wranglers, Nagata Shachu, Jack Clemet with Jimmy Davis, Brown Singers, Carabali, Corey Harris, Hoots & Hellmouth, Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, Del Castillo, Chic Gamine, David Troy Francis, Mosquito Burrito Brothers, Alex Cuba, HuDost, 3 Divas, Conductor Jack, Los Cantadores, Andes Manta, Shannon McNally, Juke Joint Duo, The Funzzies, Cordero, FreeWorld, Civil Twilight, Rebirth Brass Band, Dor L’Dor, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Verve Pipe, George Porter, Jr., Jimmy Davis, Aubrey Ghent, Afrissippi, Jack & the Zinghoppers, Mindy Smith, Papa Grows Funk, Eric Lindell, Jazz Orchestra of the Delta, Bob Dorough, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Thailia Sanchez, Tab Benoit, Trout Fishing in America, Carolyn Wonderland, Bo-Keys, Brave Combo, Soul Rebels, Super Chikan, Baby Loves Salsa, JOse Conde, Terrance Simien, Gustafer Yellowgold, Meta & the Cornerstones, African Explosion, Trampled by Turtles, Hayes Carll, Homemade Jamz, Todd Snider, Steve Poltz, Alternate Routes, Black Joe Lewis, Boogers, Cowboy Junkies, Sid Selvidge, The Iguanas, Betty Harris, Farmer Jason, Joyce Cobb, Calvin Newborn, Tear Down the Walls, Hatiloo, Tracy Nelson, Kevin Gordon, Bob Schneider, Eden Brent, Ekpe, Guy Forsyth, Colour Revolt, Marcella Pinella, Ryan Peel, Snowden, Dirty Dozen, Keith Sykers, Jim Lauderdale, VOTS, Rangoli: Colors of India, Incendio, Jackopierce, the Dynamites, Project Motion, Danielia Cotton, Vaneese Thomas, The Wandering, The Booger, Tinsley Ellis, Vivaz!, Jimbo Mathus, D’Mar & Gill, Ruthie Foster, Bandan Koro, March Fourth Marching Band, Bart Walker BAnd, Mia Borders, ,Sol Driven Train, Steve Forbert, Reba Russell Band, Big Don, Troen, Ultimate Family Reunion,C.J. Chenier,Paul Thorn, Danielia Cotton, Booker T., She Said, Dianne Price, Gregory Porter, Chris Hillman, Cienfuegos, Spring Standards, Lil’ Malcolm & the Houserockers, Bill Mobley & Orchestra, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Randy Sabien & MCS kids, Honey Island Swamp Band, The Revelations, Mardi Gras Indians, Abigail Washburn, Eric Gales, Mingo Fishtrap, Breeze Cayolle, Jenny Owen Youngs, Enter the Haggis, Latin Heritage, Sound Track Mind, The Alternate Routes, Caravan of Thieves, UofM Jazz Orchestra, Ryan Montbleau, Gary Clark Jr., Cyril Neville, Dala, Grace Askew, Hayes Carll, Vaneese Thomas, Paul Thorn, Patricia Goodson, Randall Bramblett Band, Opus One with John Gary Williams, Shannon McNally, Mountain Heart, Lisa Marie Presley, John Paul Keith, Star & Micey, Willie Sugarcapps, Earlice Taylor & Rhodes Jazz Band, 30 Days of Opera, The Black Lillies, Webb Wilder, Kirk Whalum, Bryan Hayes & the Retriever, Elizabeth Cook, Navy Band Mid-South, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Ana Popovic & Mo’ Better Love, Brave Combo, The Wild Rovers with Norah Jones, Will Hoge, Spring Standards, Ori Naftaly, The Dunwells, Sonny Landreth, Stax Music Academy, Memphis Dawls,Rosco Bandana, Son Volt, Hurray For the Riff Raff, Cedric Burnside, John Nemeth & the Bo-Keys,Ray Wylie Hubbard, New Ballet Ensemble, Chubby Carrier, George Porter Jr., Eden Brent, Trampled Under Foot, Slide Brothers, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Red Baraat,City Champs, Mingo Fishtrap, Spirit Family Reunion, Theresa Andersson, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, U of M Jazz Orchestra, Paul Thorn, Opera Memphis, Rhodes College Jazz BAnd with Joyce Cobb, Bryan Hayes and the Retrievers, The Black Lillies, Bluff CIty Jazz Project, Nicki Bluhm & the Gamblers, North Mississippi Allstars, Old 97s, Baskery, Mike Farris & Roseland Rhythm Revue, Lucero, Earphunk, Corey Chisel, Cumberland COllective, Chubby Carrier, Black Cadillacs, Patriotic Pops,Cloud Cult, John Fullbright, California Honeydrops, Playing for Change, School of Rock, Rosanne Cash, The Dynamites with Charles Walker, Davina & the Vagabonds, Amy LaVere & Friends,Katie Herzig, SHEL, Ester Rada, Green River Ordinance, Gedeon Luke and the People, THe Hillbenders, Bird Star Third, The Subteens,Charles Lloyd, The Suffers, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Memphis Renaissance featuring New Ballet Ensemble and Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Marcella & Her Lovers, Larry Raspberry & the Highsteppers, Big George Brock, Eric Hutchinson, Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real, The Oh Hellos, Traveller, Leftover Cuties, Mark Edgar Stewart, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Jason McKinney Band, Chawa, Victor Wainwright,Motel Mirrors,Dead Soliders, Carolina Story, Mighty Souls Brass Band, Raw Oyster Cult, Corey Branan, Knox Hamilton, Patriotic Pops, Pokey LaFarge, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, New Country Rehab, Matt Schofield, Fruition, Black Violin, March4th!, Seryn, Jakubi, Kristina Train, Earl Thomas, Glen David Anders, AJ Gent, The Roosevelts.